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Flexi loop plastic carrier bags have reinforced handles made from thick polythene, which are welded to the inside of the bag. The strong handle is comfortable to hold when carrying heavy items, and also allows full bag usage whilst also being comfortable to hold. The polythene folded in from the top (turn over top) and welded across provides additional strength to the handle area.

Pe Bags

Ideal for those retailers where the products can be heavier, our patch handle bags are perfect to promote your brand in whatever business you are in. Available in a range of colours and print options, the patch provides you with an extra strong handle meaning they can be used in any scenario. Patch handle carriers have a reinforced patch glued around the handle of the carrier bag to increase the strength and durability of the handle. Similar in style to our punched out handle carriers, the patch handle can be a great alternative if you’re looking for something stronger.

Nonwoven Shopping Bags

Our drawstring bags can be made with clear or coloured film, as well as a wide variety of printed colour options and additional custom features. The drawstring is pulled to tighten around the opening of the bag, helping to seal contents inside. The drawtape closure can also be made using clear or coloured polythene film just like the polythene bag itself. If you are looking to get a custom thickness, custom print, custom size, or any other custom feature on our drawstring bags, look no further.


Both your shipments and our travel are safe with our durable and durable cargo bags.

• Introducing our E-commerce Envelope Kraft Paper Bag, comes in both brown and white color, is the perfect packaging solution for your business.

• Its envelope-style design offers convenience and versatility, making it an ideal choice for shipping and delivering a wide range of products.

• This bag offers a secure and efficient packaging solution, simply slide your items into the bag, fold over the flap, and secure it with adhesive tape.

• This user-friendly design simplifies the packaging process, allowing for quick and hassle-free order fulfillment.

Width (mm) 60 – 510

Base (mm) 0 – 180

Weight (gsm) 80 – 120


Reflect your brand value with our stylish twist-handle bags.

• Our twisted handle bags are designed to meet all your packaging needs while keeping the environment in mind.

• The twist handle provides a strong and reliable grip.

• Twisted Handle Paper Bags can be produced from virgin brown kraft paper, recycled brown kraft paper and white kraft(bleached) paper.

• With its flat bottom, it stands upright on its own.

Width (mm) 180 – 460

Base (mm) 70 – 250

Weight (gsm) 70 – 120


This product helps protect products, that are produced in agricultural activity areas,from all kinds of weather conditions. It also plays an active role in protecting against dangers and is produced to be resistant to all dangers that may come from outside.


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Our shrink film material shrinks when heat is applied, tightly wraps products, and also protects and secures them. Our shrink film is available as centre/multi folded, gusset shrink tubing and readymade covers on a roll.

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